Bluewater Pick-Up Services

 Lawn and other Property Care Services

Yard Waste Removal

We remove various types of yard waste.

Items we remove:

  • grass
  • leaves
  • brush/branches
  • soil/compost
  • landscape/yard structures

We perform small yard demolitions to assist with your yard waste removal.

We do not remove hazardous/toxic materials.

Using our pick-up truck and trailer we avoid driveway damage due to heavy metal dumpster bins.

We recycle as much waste as possible to be environmentally friendly.


The price includes - labour, transportation costs, HST and dumping fees.  Pricing is based on the weight/volume of the yard waste you want removed.  Please note the minimum price for any pick-up is $50.00

While an average load of yard waste may be between $70-$150, each job is priced individually:

  • you show us what you want removed
  • we give you our price
  • if you are agreeable we proceed and your yard waste is gone.